Friskare tänder av rödvin?

Glass of red wine with toothbrush in

A task on the site NewsmaxHealth suggests that moderate consumption of red wine keeps your teeth healthy. The article, written in 2010, titled Red Wine Fights Tooth Decay – Red Wine Combat Dental Root. The question is what best combats cryptic health tips online.

It’s not in the red wine’s alcoholic effect, ”said scientist at the ancient Italian Pavia University, founded in 1361. No, it’s without substances in the grains of the grapes and so-called proanthocyanidins. These substances are said to be able to block the bacteria’s ability to bind to the tooth enamel. The effect of alcohol-free red wine was the same, while white wine did not seem to have any anti-dandruff effect according to the article.

Healthy skepticism

There are now 13 health professions known for the dozen and you always have to worry about tasks of this kind. Who is behind? Wine grower? Has the experiment been carried out and the data has been confirmed from other research centers? If red wine is so good at protecting your teeth from bacterial biofilm, why are the A-laws that drink reddot the days to end so bad teeth?

Would like a glass of red ellet two

We miss no one glass of red for the evening, on the contrary! But one tip is not to put all the money on the ”Glass Bank” – daily red wine can be expensive dental care. Before we know more about red wine and dental health, invest for safety in toothpaste, toothbrushes and repetitive dentist visits for the long lasting health and beauty of the mouth.

Calle Hagman, dentist

More about Italian red wine and the district of Veneto.

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